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We believe in sharing knowledge about what makes a better life.
The best advice on how to boost well-being should be free and accessible to all.

Why you should care

A conscious attitude towards preventive health and making proactive lifestyle choices helps you stay healthy, avoid or delay the onset of disease and keep existing diseases from becoming worse.

The body is a complex interconnected system. If one part of the body begins to function poorly it usually affects other parts of the body over time, including the mental state. Relying on medicine alone as a quick fix after health issues occur is often not a sustainable approach. Medication and surgery often makes life harder and can in some cases lead to complications and other health problems. Wouldn't it be better if you could avoid the health issues altogether in the first place?

We help you to strengthen your mind and body to reduce the chances of disease.

How it works

You rate your health-promoting behavior simply by ticking checkboxes.

Our software will...:

1. help you identify areas for you to improve your health.
2. guide you in making necessary changes in your life.

We help you take your well-being to a new level. More

Who it is for

Average Joe

CleverlyHappy is perfect if you just want to improve your health and proactively prevent future life style diseases.

Health freaks

CleverlyHappy is the Go-To place If you are interested in advanced health topics as well as the holistic interplay between health aspects.


CleverlyHappy helps you identify and remove roadblocks to achieving greater achievements in your sport.

High achievers

Achieve greatness with more energy and a sharper mind. We also help you reduce health risks that would set you back.

Struggling with health issues

If you are rehabilitating or struggling with chronic health issues, we may help you step-up your recovery and speed up your healing.

Health workers

CleverlyHappy is a complete and easy to use repository for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention you can safely recommend to patients.

Our values


Based on scientific evidence. We seek out solid research to present a unified framework for health contributing behavior.


We are totally independent. The content on these pages is not influenced by business entities and profit.

Inclusive and participatory

We invite all to contribute. We are a community and together we evolve the site. We rely on your input.


Your privacy is very important for us. We encrypt and secure your data in order to protect your privacy. We do not sell or give your data to anybody, period!


We seek to create a complete content repository for health improvement and disease prevention. We aim to cover all aspects that contribute to good health.


We do not lure you in and bombard you with advertising. We are creating an effective health improvement system by being concise and to the point.

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