Good memory is helpful for success in your career, love life and personal life, which again is important for personal happiness and well-being.
Working memory at the start of formal education is a predictor of subsequent academic success[1][2].

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I do not agree with this statement. I somewhat agree. This may sometimes be representative. I agree with this statement. It describes my situation very well.
I use probiotic supplements or eat fermented vegetables.
I have high vitamin C, D, E and B12 leves.
I play memory games monthly.
I am familiar with memorization techniques and use them in my life.
I am familiar with stress management techniques.
I try to remember things rather than always relying on smartphones etc.
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      Category: Intellectual health

      • [1] Alloway, T.P. & Alloway, R. G. (2010). Investigating the predictive roles of working memory and IQ in academic attainment. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 106, 20-29.
      • [2] Caroline Fitzpatrick, Isabelle Archambault, Michel Janosz, Linda S. Pagani. Early childhood working memory forecasts high school dropout risk. Intelligence, 2015; 53: 160 DOI: 10.1016/j.intell.2015.10.002
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