A good financial situation is important for personal health[1][2][3][4]. It helps you absorb financial shocks that can potentially have devastating effects on your health and well-being. Good finances, up until a certain point, also make you feel more in control and you will be more flexible in your life so you are able to make choices and meet your personal goals which is important for happiness[5].

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I do not agree with this statement. I somewhat agree. This may sometimes be representative. I agree with this statement. It describes my situation very well.
I don't buy new stuff just because I can.
I always have some backup funds available.
I invest wisely with diversification.
I have a financial plan/budget. I save money for future goals.
I save for my retirement.
I don't have credit card debt.
I don't suffer from gambling addictions.
My goal is not to become super rich.
I track my income and expenses.
I avoid impulsive spending.
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