Peaceful home

A peaceful home can contribute to inner peace which is a predictor of happiness[4]. Living in a peaceful home is associated with higher levels of happiness[1][3]. A peaceful home helps to reduce stress[2] which is bad for the health. A peaceful home is important as a way for adults to set a good example for children by being polite, caring and not fighting/yelling. A peaceful home allows for children to feel loved. A peaceful home is a place where everyone in the house feel physically and emotionally safe.

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We don't blast our home with constant TV or music.
We speak kindly at home.
I have a space at home where I can reflect and be creative.
There are no safety issues at home or in my neighbourhood.
We have removed unnecessary activities and arguments.
We have unwritten (or written) rules and routines.
Our home is clean.
Our home is clutter free.
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