Proactive attitude towards health

A proactive attitude is required to prevent disease and to maximize health over the life span[1]. It helps you detect decease early which can increase your chances for swift recovery. Knowing how to plan ahead is important in order to be resilient towards future misfortunes. A proactive attitude helps you better cope with diseases[4].

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I do not agree with this statement. I somewhat agree. This may sometimes be representative. I agree with this statement. It describes my situation very well.
I have a general medical examination yearly.
I like to learn about health, medicine, diseases etc.
I consciously strive to make healthy choices in my everyday life.
I go to the doctor if I am very sick or if there’s something wrong with me.
I am aware of my physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses.
I am vaccinated if necessary.
I keep medical info in my wallet.
I examine my skin once a year.
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