Safety while out

Safety while on the move can prevent accidents and help you avoid becoming a victim of a crime, which can potentially have severe negative health consequences.

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I notify friends and family of my travel destination.
I don't wear excess jewelry while out.
I lock the doors while driving a car.
I always learn the location of emergency alarms and exits in hotels.
I do not impair my judgment with excessive consumption of alcohol.
I do not walk alone at night in dark and unfamiliar areas.
When I am out late, I always have enough money the bus/cab.
When travelling abroad I always have travel insurance papers on me.
I don't accept rides from strangers.
I don't pick up hitchhikers, unless I am sure they cannot be a threat.
I am always friendly, courteous and polite to avoid fights.
I always carry identification papers.
I don't sleep in public spaces or on the bus or subway.
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