Self-knowledge is an important means to achieving well-being[10][11]. People with higher self-knowledge tend to have better health[6]. Through a well-developed sense of who and what we are, we become better able to manage our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and to bring them under control. Self-knowledge is advantageous[7], it helps us reach personal goals which is important for happiness. An attitude of seeking higher self-awareness helps us to learn as individuals. Self-awareness is associated with higher performance in organizations[1][3][9] and higher job satisfaction[2][8] . Self-knowledge has social value as people with higher self-knowledge tend to have more accurate perceptions the quality of their relationships[5].

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I do not agree with this statement. I somewhat agree. This may sometimes be representative. I agree with this statement. It describes my situation very well.
I actively ask for feedback.
I have taken a couple of personality tests.
I have work experiences in different secors, markets at different levels
I like to discover my physical limits.
I look both outward and inward to better know myself.
I avoid working at the same place for more than 6 years.
I switch roles or change department at my workplace after 3 years.
I travel to new places on my vacations.
I seek out new experiences.
I like listening to other people's life stories.
I write down and remind myself of my goals, plans and priorities.
I take time to reflect on a regular basis.
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