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Radiation exposure


Rate your healthy behaviour.

I am familiar with common sources of radiation.

I am familiar with emergency procedures for nuclear accidents.

My house does not have excessive Radon gas levels.

I do not take X-rays and CT scans more than I really need.

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      Private notes on 'radiation exposure'

      The exposure caused by ionizing photons, namely X-rays and gamma rays.
      It is rare that people are exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation. However when combining several sources of radiation the combined level may have negative health impact over time. These are some sources that contribute to radiation: medical x-ray, living at high altitudes, frequent flying, nuclear medicine procedures (iodine-131, cesium-137, and others), building and road construction materials, combustible fuels, including gas and coal, X-ray security systems, older (cathode ray) televisions, fluorescent lamp starters, smoke detectors (americium), luminous watches (tritium), lantern mantles (thorium), tobacco (polonium-210), ophthalmic glass used in eyeglasses, some ceramics.

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      Ionising radiation cause damage to DNA and increases cancer risk[1]. The average amount of radiation a person receives each year from natural sources in the United States is about 310 millirem. 10 - 50 rem received in a short period or over a long period usually have no observable health effects. 50 - 100 rem received in a short period will likely cause some observable health effects and received over a long period will increase your chances of getting cancer.

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      • [1] Understanding the effects of radiation on health - European Commission View