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We are creating a platform and community to help you improve your health.

We do this because WE want to become super healthy, super happy.

The idea is to die young, as late as possible.
Ashley Montagu

Why we made CleverlyHappy

We hope to contribute to increased happiness around the world by helping people improve health and stay healthy.

Increased health improves well-being, it reduces suffering and helps us all together prosper and evolve. But we are not simply talking about medical or physical health. We include all aspects that contribute to good health in your lifetime.

The development of the site was motivated by what we see as a lack of integrated, systemic, long-term health promotion services even in developed countries. All around the world the health care system is designed around fixing you when you get sick. Preventive Health Care (also called Health Improvement) is usually part of the health care system but it is often very disorganized, simplistic and limited in its effectiveness.

Until now, it has mostly been up to you to figure out how to live a healthy lifestyle.

There are of course many good resources online for health improvement but it is all scattered around in different places, different formats and with varying quality. This makes it daunting if not impossible to get a good overview, and even more difficult to try to use the information in a systematic manner for improving personal health.

We are trying to change this by developing a complete, easy to use platform for personal chronic disease prevention and health promotion.

By combining all aspects of good health with platform features such as our personal Health Contributing Behavior Rating and Reminders we allow for long-term sustainable and synergistic health improvement.

Who it is for

CleverlyHappy is developed for people with health issues as well as healthy people who want to optimize their health for better performance or longevity and achieve increased well-being.

Who it is not for

You need to be over 18 years old or have permissions from a parent to create a user account.

CleverlyHappy does not provide content specifically for children, senior citizens, or people with disabilities or special needs. If you belong to one of these groups you may find that CleverlyHappy is less relevant for you. We hope that we in the future will have the resources to better accommodate these groups as well.

CleverlyHappy may not provide contextual relevant content if you live in a developing nation.

CleverlyHappy is not intended for people with life threatening or severe diseases, impairments or chronic illnesses. CleverlyHappy MUST NOT replace medical advice offered by physicians.

How is it different from other Health Apps and Health websites?

Many health Apps are designed around data capturing through sensors on your phone or other wearables. These Apps typically capture data on how physically active your are, your sleep rhythm etc.

Other health apps focus more on diet and weight loss while others are designed to target very specific health aspects such as for example nutrition or stress management.

CleverlyHappy on the other side is a complete health solution that helps you improve all known aspects of health and well-being rather than just focusing on a single specific aspect. A great number of aspects contribute to good health. We have arranged all of these into 8 categories: emotional health, environmental health, intellectual health, mental health, occupational health, physical health, social health, spiritual health .

How is it different from other Health websites?

Most health websites are content driven sites with articles about beauty and wellness.

CleverlyHappy is user driven, collaborative and scientific. We don't push out an ever ending stream of articles about well-being just to make money on ads. Instead, we curate information about how to become and stay healthy and happy.

Theoretical principles

CleverlyHappy is designed around a health ladder. You move up the ladder on different health aspects as you become more conscious, motivated and engaged in improving your health.

  • Step 4 - You have motivation and you are continuously measuring, adjusting, and improving.
  • Step 3 - You have the knowledge, resources and skills to implement changes.
  • Step 2 - You have basic understanding about what needs to be done.
  • Step 1 - You have awareness of the importance of the health aspect.

The health-promoting framework of this site is influenced by work such as:

Who are we

The evolution of this site and it's content is driven by an open community of users.

The founder and developer of the technical platform is Roy Lachica.


We do recognize that health recommendations should be tailored to the individual. Everyone is different and have different needs. Even so, we aim to create the most comprehensive resource that can be used for most people.

On CleverlyHappy you can decide to take part and answer questions related to your health situation. Unfortunately, there will be questions that will not make sense to you and your situation. In some cases these questions will not be relevant because of external factors or medical conditions that are out of your control. However in some cases there may be certain world views or underlying psychological aspects that may be keeping you from improving in certain health areas. We encourage you to identify these as part of the process towards better health.

Community rules

Spam, jokes, obviously immoral, erroneous or misleading content and religious or political propaganda will be deleted without notice.

Profanity, swearing, cursing, dirty words, bad or adult language will be removed. See Terms for further details.

Users are free to use anonymous or fake email or social login accounts so that we or anyone else will not be able to identify you. We take your privacy very seriously.